INSigHT Newsletter – issue 4, october 2020


Dear reader,
We are pleased to share with you the forth and last issue of the INSigHT action newsletter, including relevant information about the project, its progress and results.
Since September 2019, during these uncertain times, many steps forward have been taken, in this issue you will find:
  • the presentation by our partner N.A.Ve – Antitrafficking Network in Venice (
  • a series of focus group with cultural-linguistic mediators of the N.A.Ve. project;
  • a series of workshops bringing together Italian and Swedish anti-trafficking stakeholders
  • the awareness raising campaigns that took place in Lagos;
  • The Insight project speaks: our talk in the radio program of Radio Meltingpot; an interview with the Centro Pace Bolzano;
  • info about the ASGI Advanced Course on Trafficking in Human Beings and Labour Exploitation, that took place from May 28 to June 12;
  • the report and recommendations of the event “Impact of covid19 on ECOWAS Free Movement Protocol and The Regional Reintegration Agenda”;
  • Anti-trafficking interventions in Italy (Veneto Region) at the time of COVID-19;
  • Lockdown, Nigeria and VoT/returnees: news from our researcher Femi.
This newsletter is designed to share information, knowledge and lessons learned from INSigHT Action with key stakeholders working in the field of prevention / fight against human trafficking and protection / rehabilitation of victims.

Table of contents: