Working with human trafficking in Sweden & Italy

On May 8, 2020, INSigHT organized the virtual workshop “Working with human trafficking in Sweden & Italy“.

The purpose of the workshop was twofold:

  1. to compare the work against trafficking by connecting local stakeholders from the two countries,
  2. to lay a foundation for future collaboration between the stakeholders to increase their capacity and reinforce transnational cooperation.

Working with human trafficking in Sweden & Italy

The workshop involved regional anti-trafficking coordinators from Southern Sweden, members of the anti-trafficking network N.A.Ve from Northern Italy, and INSigHT Action members. The workshop confirmed the fruitfulness of providing venues where different stakeholders can connect to exchange experiences and address issues they encounter in their everyday work. The workshop also confirmed that stakeholders want to learn more about the anti-trafficking systems of other countries to better ensure the safety and support of trafficking victims.

We are already planning a second session where we will discuss concrete “cases” of potential or confirmed victims in Italy and Sweden to identify gaps and how we can improve the transnational cooperation.