#10minuticon – #tenminuteswith – Invitation for interview with the Centro Pace Bolzano

On July 21th Giovanna and Michela were invited by the Centro Pace Bolzano to talk about the on-going activities of the SSIIM Unesco Chair and in particular the INSigHT Project.

Giovanna presented the on-going work of the Research Group, while discussing the strong engagement that has been put on collaboration with local actors, with whom projects are thought, planned and implemented.

Michela followed up with a discussion on the research work that the INSigHT Research Team has been carrying out, focusing on begging, a phenomenon that has been also evident in Bolzano and in the Brenner area and yet scarcely investigated so far.

The interview (in Italian) is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isjAPpebSoI

It is also available on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Centro Pace Bolzano.