INSigHT Newsletter – double issue (2-3), March 2020


Dear reader,
We are pleased to share with you the second issue of the INSigHT action newsletter, including relevant information about the project, its progress and results.
Since October 2019 many steps forward have been taken, in this issue you will find:
  • the project’s full team of researchers;
  • the presentation by our partner Pathfinder Justice Initiative
  • a series of participative Workshops and training for key anti-trafficking stakeholders in the Veneto Region (Italy) organized within the N.A.Ve. project;
  • the role played by Nigerian Women Association Verona (NWAV) Lagos Chapter in the awareness and education in Nigeria;
  • a first important step in the process of increasing international cooperation between anti-trafficking stakeholders in Italy and Sweden.
This newsletter is designed to share information, knowledge and lessons learned from INSigHT Action with key stakeholders working in the field of prevention / fight against human trafficking and protection / rehabilitation of victims.

Table of contents: