invitation to talk about the INSigHT Action, labour exploitation and the N.A.Ve multi-agency approach

On June 20th Michela, SSIIM Unesco Chair, and Barbara, Equality ATI, were invited to the radio program of Radio Meltingpot to present the INSigHT Action, to reflect on labour exploitation, and particularly on begging, a phenomenon that is well known but has been scarcely investigated so far, especially as far as Nigerians are concerned.

Barbara described the multi-agency approach that the N.A.Ve project has been adopting in the last years to deal with labour exploitation more generally, thus stressing the positive outcomes resulting from it.

During the interview Michela was also asked about the approach that characterises the work of the SSIIM Unesco Chair, based on a strong partnership and collaboration with local actors, including both the third sector and public authorities.

Following the radio program, an article was published on July 13th reporing the details of the interview.