Field research in Nigeria

Our Nigerian researcher, Abe Oluwafemi Moses, was at WOCON’s (Women’s Consortium of Nigeria) national  office at 13, Okesuna Street, Igbosere Lagos Island on the 25th of March, 2020 to conduct an interview as part of the research of the INSigHT Research Team.

Women’s Consortium of Nigeria is a non profit, non governmental and non partisan organisation established to combat human trafficking.  WOCON’s activities include rescue,  rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked victims.

WOCON is a forerunner in the fight against human trafficking in Nigeria. The organisation’s contributions have been felt within and outside the shores of Nigeria. WOCON was instrumental to the establishment of NAPTIP, National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Person, and has a consultative status with the United Nations.

See, Pictures from left to right

  • Ogunbayo Atinuke,  Program Officer
  • Suzanne Clover,  Intern from France, in charge of Legal Clinic
  • Morenike Omaiboje,  Director of Programs

Field research in Nigeria