General objective

To increase the capacity of key local stakeholders in the Veneto Region (Italy), Edo State and Lagos (Nigeria) and Stockholm (Sweden) to tackle HT and to deal with its evolving dynamics, trends, forms and modus operandi, with specific attention to female children, while promoting knowledge-based policy making in the respective countries and reinforcing transnational cooperation.

Specific objectives

  • To produce new gender-disaggregated knowledge on emerging trends, mechanisms and dynamics underpinning the recruitment of victims of trafficking in Nigeria, their transit through secondary routes in Italy and their potential rehabilitation in Nigeria, with focus on children;
  • To strengthen the prevention and protection systems for children, in Italy, Sweden, and Nigeria, through a gender-aware evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses, with specific focus on rehabilitation in Nigeria, the urban security/public order (rather than prevention) approach in Italy and transit/secondary movements in Sweden;
  • To improve key local stakeholders’ knowledge and capacity to deal with THB in Italy and Nigeria, and in Sweden as far as transit and secondary movements are concerned, and to promote knowledge-based and gender-aware policy-making, while fostering transnational cooperation;
  • To raise awareness among victim returnees and law enforcement officers on evolving trafficking dynamics, particularly as far as women and children are concerned.