INSigHT research team starts transnational exchange ‘on the ground’

The INSigHT Research group is composed of five highly skilled researchers in charge of carrying out in-depth field research in the three countries targeted by the Action. Leaded by Dr. Michela Semprebon, the Sr. researcher who coordinates the whole group and carries out herself part of the field work in the Veneto region, Serena Scarabello and Serena Caroselli are working on Verona, Padua and Venice to examine the prevention/protection system, as well as in Venice and in the Brenner route to explore emerging trends connected to possible connections between THB and male exploitation in begging (Venice) and secondary routes to norther Europe (Brenner). Abe Oluwafemi Moses (Femi) is carrying out research on prevention and rehabilitation in Lagos and Benin, while Isabelle Johansson is exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the Swedish Anti-trafficking system.

INSigHT research team

Starting from early February 2020, the research team started to work on the exchange and comparison of the advancements of the respective research and context. Isabelle spent a week in Venice (2-7 February) to share her views with Italian colleagues and learn how the protection system is articulated in the Veneto region. In March Michela, after contributing to the workshop we are organizing in Malmo – will back Isabelle in her field research and conduction of interviews with key local stakeholders. Analogously, two Italian researchers will join their colleague Femi in Nigeria for three weeks of joint field research in late April/beginning of May. Together with those realized and planned for local practitioners – who were and will be provided the opportunity to participate to INSigHT activities abroad – these international missions are conceived to raise awareness and increase the knowledge about the very different hubs/contexts (origin, destination, transit) of trafficking networks. Being the phenomenon transnational, more information on who does what (and how) for the prevention/protection/rehabilitation in different countries, is of utmost importance for local stakeholders involved in counter-trafficking here and there.