Pathfinders Justice Initiative

Pathfinders Justice Initiative, Inc.® (PJI), a partner in the INSigHT Action, is an international non-government organization dedicated to the prevention of modern-day sex slavery (sex trafficking) and liberation of enslaved women and girls through the direct eradication of root causes.

Following the partners’ Stakeholders’ Meeting in Brussels in May 2019, PJI organized Nigeria’s first Gap Analysis in Nigeria in June 2019. The event brought together all the primary national and international stakeholders engaged in anti-trafficking efforts in Nigeria to identify ongoing projects, to discuss current gaps (on the primary areas of INSigHT project engagement: awareness raising, capacity building for law enforcement, capacity building for rehabilitation service providers and research), to avoid duplication of various interventions and to ensure coordination and network building. A summary Gap Analysis report was generated by PJI, which served as the basis for the more in depth Gap Analysis report prepared by INSigHT’s researchers, Michela Semprebon and Abe Oluwafemi Moses.

Further to its role as a thought leader in Nigeria’s anti-trafficking efforts and pursuant to the INSigHT Project, PJI will be organizing a 2-day participative workshop on rehabilitation in Nigeria in April 2020.  The workshop will target all primary stakeholders providing direct services to survivors of trafficking in Edo State to develop survivor centered and trauma informed approaches, to share best practices in identification and protection of survivors, to discuss challenges and to work collaboratively.

Thereafter, a further 2-day training for Law Enforcement officers in Edo will also be organized by PJI in June 2020. This train the trainers workshop will welcome representatives from Italy to share their expertise and experience with Nigerian survivors in Italy as well as best practices. It will also address Nigeria’s legal framework for trafficking, referral protocols and provide guidelines for identification, protection and treatment of survivors.

PJI’s final planned Project activity is a conference in Edo State in or about September 2020 for all INSigHT partners as well as major national and international stakeholders to highlight and share results of the INSigHT Project. The conference will serve as a further opportunity to secure engagement and collaboration as well as transnational cooperation.

All planned activities will be noted on the INSigHT website as well as on