Fighting Human Trafficking in Nigeria: recent and on-going projects (2010-2019) just released!

The INSigHT Action has just issued the Report “Fighting Human Trafficking in Nigeria. Recent and ongoing projects (2010-2019), authored by Michela Semprebon. It is the outcome of a punctual mapping and analysis of the numerous anti-trafficking projects that have been carried out in Nigeria in the last decade to combat human trafficking. It provides an exhaustive picture of completed and ongoing projects between 2010 and 2019.

The geographical scope of the analysis includes Lagos and Edo State, but also extends over the wider Nigerian territory. The focus is on four project areas:

  • Awareness raising
  • Capacity building for law enforcement
  • Capacity building for rehabilitation
  • Research

The Report points to a number of gaps that have emerged as relevant, in terms of geographical scope, actors/partners’ engagement, methodology and adoption of a child- and women-sensitive approach. In particular, a tremendous need is highlighted for a longitudinal assessment and evaluation of rehabilitation services, but also of the overall system of protection and prevention in Nigeria.

The report – and its executive summary – represent a useful tool for policy-makers, practitioners and scholars willing to plan further interventions and research activities, rooted on a better knowledge of past and ongoing projects and lessons learned from them.

Download here: