NWAV Lagos Chapter: signed an agreement with the Lagos State Government – Education District VI for students outreach

Thanks to the empowerment of the NWAV Lagos Chapter network with school stakeholders, as a direct consequence of the the teacher training activities planned in November 2019, an agreement for a program for awareness raising on human trafficking for students was signed on 5th March 2020 by the Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary of the Education District VI (see document attached).

The Education District VI is one of the six Districts created on 31st of August 2005 by the Lagos State Government.

There were one hundred and twenty-three (123) schools – junior secondary and senior secondary – in the District at inception but the number has risen to one hundred and thirty-nine (139).

The original program has been planned for 6 meetings, in the NWAV Help Desk premises, for groups of 15-20 students for each meeting from March to July 2020. Due the Covid19 pandemic only one meeting in March has been realized. The program is suspend until further notice from the national authorities.

CONTENT/PROGRAM of the meeting:

  • Welcome speech;
  • Introduction to INSigHT Action and its objectives;
  • Presentation on NWAV and the help desk activities;
  • Awareness raising: risk and dangers related to human trafficking;
  • National and international rules to enter legally in Europe;
  • Discussion/debate: questions from students.