Presentation of the INSigHT findings on intra-european mobility at the final conference of the Project “Cope and Hope”

On February 28th 2022, Michela Semprebon presented some of the findings of the INSigHT Action at the final conference of the EU Project “Cope and Hope”. The project has been managed by the Fondazione ACRA (IT), in collaboration with the Consorzio Passepartout (IT), ABD (ES) and the Municipality of Milan antitrafficking unit.

It aimed to offer psychosocial support services to survivors of trafficking in order to help them cope with traumas and regain confidence in themselves, in the people around them and in institutions.

The title of the final conference was “Beyond the crossing.Identification and support of women victims of trafficking: an exchange of practices and strategies for the post-pandemic in the European Union”.

Michela stressed the lack, to date, of a transnational European referral mechanism capable of favouring the collaboration across EU Member States as far as the identification of people victims of trafficking and referral to the appropriate support services are concerned. She reflected on the experience of the INSigHT Action, the importance of developing collaborations that reach beyond the EU borders, while also pointing out the on-going challenges, including the difficulty of ensuring sufficient funding for on-going long-term interventions and to build on established networks.