On-going anti-trafficking and networking activities in Nigeria, following up from the INSighT Action

The Great Isaac Newton was quoted to have said ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’. This quote resonates with the family birthed by collaboration with the INSigHT Team. Although the research work and activities are concluded, the cord of relations has knitted us together, leaving me with no choice but
to carry the mantle as the  INSigHT Action ambassador whenever stakeholders working in the migration space in Nigeria call for assistance.

My normal assignment with INSigHT ended over a year ago, however, I have participated in several on-going activities in the migration space and have keep collaborating with the SSIIM Unesco Chair and the University of Parma, to who my former supervisor, Michela Semprebon, has moved. In 2021, the African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC), in partnership with GIZ, invited me to be a member of a knowledge network for better migration governance in Africa. I participated in a series of webinars, between December 1-2 and I was invited by the ICMPD and ERRIN – European Return and Reintegration Network to the Meeting of the Working Group on Return and Reintegration, to give a presentation on ‘Strengthening the Provision of Support for Reintegration of Vulnerable Persons, including Victims of Trafficking, returning to Nigeria’. In February 2022, FINNWID (Finnish Women In Development) appointed me as the Evaluation consultant on the Vocational Skills Education Project to Prevent Human Trafficking in Benin City, Nigeria. In July 2022, the National Agency For The Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons and Other Related Offence, (NAPTIP) brought stakeholders for a walk and lecture to mark the World Day Against Trafficking In Persons #WDATIP2022 where I actively participated.

Over the past two years I have got several referrals to Child move Project, Seefar, Shining Hope Foundation Against Human Trafficking, and Street Child Care and Welfare
Initiative for round table discussions, seminars, and consultations. It has been great to continue working on human trafficking and the precious continous collaboration with Michela Semprebon has been important to get networking activities doing. I am more and more convince that “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Oluwafemi Moses Abe