Kick-off phase: built a common ground upon which rooting further action


During the first months of its implementation, INSigHT Action organized two important events to feed and reframe the planned activities: a Kick-off Meeting and Launch Event (6-7 May 2019, Brussels, ICMPD Headquarters) and a Gap Analysis workshop (10-11 June 2019, Benin City).

Partners met in Brussels in early May this year for the first opportunity to start a fruitful discussion and share the project scope with key international stakeholders. We organized two participative sessions took place:

The first session, focused on Awareness Raising in face of re-trafficking: Implications and the way ahead and turned out a fruitful brainstorming during which all participants shared their experience and expertise on the topic, envisaging possible interactions with INSigHT project;

The second session has been useful to collect recommendations and suggestions on the creation of a transnational system for prevention of human trafficking including the importance of combating the phenomenon of Human Trafficking (HT) through a holistic vision and a joint action of partners; the strategic advantage of cooperating and collaborating with women who have escaped from the exploitation system; the urgent need for multi-agency work on national territories as well as transnational cooperation.

Towards a transnational system for the prevention and protection of women and girls that can fall victims of trafficking: Capacity building and the active involvement of institutions” 

With the presentation of the project and its scope, the kick-off meeting has been the occasion to meet the diverse partnership, to build a shared vision of the things to come in the action and to foster engagement and collaboration of all toward common objectives.

Besides ICMPD and the Action partners, the Launch Event was attended by officers, representatives and experts from the Federal Public Service of Justice (Belgium); the Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants, UNODC Brussels’ Liaison Office; Attaché JHA (Justice and Home Affairs); the Italian Ministry of Interior; Frontex; Unit DEVCO D1; EEAS (EU External Action) Global 4; Expertise France; EC DG Home; Italian Permanent Rep. to EU; Belgian Ministry of Home Affairs, Mission of Switzerland Mission to the EU.


The two-day gap analysis workshop in Benin City, was the second successful arena for INSigHT Action, to draw inspiration and knowledge on existing and previous experiences, avoid duplications and explore possible synergies. Hosted by Pathfinders Justice Initiative (PJI), the workshop convened a large number of stakeholders. Participants worked in group and plenary sessions to delve into existing projects and initiatives tackling human trafficking in Edo State and Nigeria, sharing strengths and weaknesses of the approaches, methods and tools adopted for prevention, rehabilitation and awareness raising. Besides, the workshop represented an unprecedented catalyzing event which strengthened opportunities for collaboration through new strategic partnerships.

“This has been of the first opportunities to come together to discuss gaps and solutions”, said numerous participants. Also, donors were satisfied with the result as they offered their feedback on the event as one of the most informative events to hear what is happening on the ground.”

A delegation from Italy made up by researchers, local public officers and NGOs representatives as well as international funding bodies, Nigerian public institutions and national/international CSOs (i.e. Naptip Benin City and Naptip Abuja, the EU representative in Nigeria, UNODC, IOM, the Red Cross, Girl’s Power Initiative Nigeria, Save the Children International) were among the event’s participants.

Responding to the call for further networking, PJI prepared and circulated a Stakeholder Map which will be soon online of the website. The workshop results and of further in-depth field research informed the gap-analysis report that will be soon released and widely disseminated by SSIIM UNESCO Chair.