INSigHTs on the Action Partners

SSIIM UNESCO Chair, University IUAV of Venice

The SSIIM UNESCO Chair based at the University IUAV of Venice, is the lead partner of INSigHT Action. It has been undertaking research activities within it since May 2019. This has consisted in active collaboration in the organization of the Stakeholders’ Meeting in Brussels, in May and the Gap-Analysis Meeting in Benin, in June, to network with actors that are currently engaged on anti-trafficking projects in Nigeria, avoid duplications of initiatives, ensure coordination whereby any complementarity in action is evident and favor network building among local stakeholders.

The gap-analysis report about to be published, is the first output of the collaboration of the Research Coordinator, Michela Semprebon, and the Nigerian Researcher, Abe Oluwafemi Moses to highlight the existing gaps in the four areas in which the INSigHT Action engages: awareness raising, capacity building for law enforcement, capacity building for rehabilitation services, research. This will be a precious tool both for INSigHT partners to guide and inform the Action activities but also for stakeholders engaged in anti-trafficking activities to have an overview of on-going activities that is otherwise not available.

Research is being conducted in Italy by Michela Semprebon, Serena Scarabello and Serena Caroselli. This part of the research aims at evaluating the anti-trafficking network of the Veneto Region (NA.Ve Project), and its efficacy in the protection and support to victims of human trafficking, particularly female minors of Nigerian origins. This work aims to provide insight into the strength and weaknesses of the network and to put forward suggestions for any improvement.

A fourth and last researcher is about to join to Research Team: it is a Swedish Researcher. She will be carrying out research in Sweden and Malmo to investigate the anti-trafficking system in these cities and to evaluate its capacity to deal with the specific target of Nigerian girls and with the phenomenon of secondary movements.

Besides the activities planned in for the project, SSIIM UNESCO Chair is putting considerable efforts in disseminating and sharing its findings along the way and has thus accepted to present the project within a training program for anti-trafficking operators of the Liguria Region and within an undergraduate program of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. The ultimate aim of these presentations is to ensure the widest possible dissemination both within academia and across the professional sector.

Finally, SSIIM UNESCO Chair is also multiplying dissemination efforts through the maintenance of a session dedicated to INSigHT Action within its institutional web-site (, which soon will have all the information available also in Italian to better reach local stakeholders.